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Outdoor advertising has become one of the main medias of choice. Due to its simplicity and diversity, business are relying on outdoor exposure to bring attention to their marketing efforts.

With an array of products, Daniels and Company will match the appropriate product with its customer's budget, making it possible to achieve the objective of the advertiser and its marketing effort.



Types of Bulletin Advertising Programs


Over a 12-month period, copy is moved every 60 days to achieve maximum reach and frequency throughout a market area. This program also gives the illusion of a larger billboard campaign, allowing the commuter a chance to see the advertising message is various locations.




A location chosen to specifically target a particular area. This type of outdoor would be directional driven.
"Just Ahead on Left", "Turn Here" etc.



BIG, BOLD, LED Displays are now the hottest, brightest way to put your message on the street! The latest innovation in outdoor advertising brings the performance of computer monitors onto billboards! These units are composed of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) bright hi-impact video frames which change every 8 seconds, providing 8 spots per billboard.
The advertising benefit starts by the quick launch of the message with no production charge!  Advertiser's also can change their message, example, price point, product or update news information practically in a flash!  Ask us how your message may benefit by LED displays today!



A perfect product to create impact throughout the market utilizing several panels to reach up to 100% of the population. Posters are bought in groups called "Showings" over a four-week period. The panel size is generally 12' x 24'. This product is recommended for short term blitzes, events, announcements of new products or business and even creative teasers. Poster gain frequency awareness due to the number of panels throughout the market over the 4-week period. A #100 Showing would deliver 100% of the market. The number of panels to achieve a #100 showing would be determined by the population. The showings range from a #200 to a #25. Paper ad copy is hung in a traditional process, which dates back to the beginning of the outdoor industry. Printing of the paper design is extra. Vinyl wraps are also available for long term showings.





These signs measure 6' x 12', and are usually mounted on a single pole, 10 to 15 feet off the ground. They are frequently placed in dense inner city areas or urban neighborhoods that do not permit the construction of billboards. Paper or vinyl are used depending on the term of the advertisement.




A Backlight product that ads sophistication to ad panels targeting commuters at eye level. Panels are generally 4' x 6' in size and are offered on interior or exterior sides of the bus shelter. With great success in large cities, bus shelters can now be found in secondary cites where bulletins are not permitted. Shelters can be bought in showings as well. Advertisers have the opportunity to move panels throughout the market, being creative, reaching various portions of the market.




A great opportunity to reach local neighborhood customers! Benches give advertisers an opportunity to utilize outdoor advertising at a low daily cost average. Benches are also available in showings. The population of the market, will determine the number of bench panels the advertiser will need to achieve the impact needed. Production is done digitally with the latest, state of the art printing to achieve long lasting, professional displays.




These are signs that vary in their dimension and are usually mounted on the side of buildings in the inner cities, such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. They are usually much larger than billboards, and can occupy the entire side of a windowless wall of a building. Lately, there has been an advance in the materials, upon which the signs are printed. Walls with windows can be covered with signs, and not obstruct the view of those windows.




Personal cars are being used as message centers in selected markets around the country. In cities like Los Angeles, you can have your entire personal vehicles covered with images and messages regarding a product or service.
The benefit to the vehicle owner is income; to the advertiser reach and frequency that is not available with any of the above types of signs.




Company vehicles are now part of our customer’s media mix.
“The Rolling Billboard” gives additional outdoor presence as well as increasing reach and frequency. This medium is so popular, customers are now looking at vehicles that will give them more advertising space.
Your company vehicle can now work for you, even when it is sitting still!



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